In the Beginning

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mevacor 40 mg price After working as a counselor for a large public school district back when cuts were being made, the thought of losing my job made me realize that I may need to reinvent myself as a mental health practitioner. I wanted to do something DIFFERENT than other therapists were doing.  I started being creative and thinking outside of the box regarding my education, talent and experience! I have always enjoyed exercise, be it dance, yoga, hiking or walking.  For my own self-care, I loved walking and talking with girlfriends, and always felt so much better afterwards, both physically and emotionally.  In my past experience of working teenage foster youth at a local group home, I always found it easier to get them talking by getting out and taking a walk with them.  Even the most closed up client would have an easier time expressing themselves.  I then asked myself, “How can I combine what people love with the help that I can provide?”, and I came up with Walk and Talk Therapy.  At first I thought I had “made it up”, but after googling the term, I learned of Clay Cockrell, a man who was doing sessions around Central Park in New York. I thought, if this can work on the East Coast with their crazy weather, there is no reason why I can’t do the same in sunny Los Angeles! And thus, I was the first Walk and Talk therapist (that I know of) on the West Coast of the United States.

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